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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sakuracon 2007 update

Hey there everyone. Con update!
Didn't meet up with my friend from DA that makes the plushies... I couldn't find the table.
As for Fred Gallagher... I got him to sign my copy of "Megatokyo" Vol 4 and gave him a copy of " Catboy at the Con" Vol 1. I felt really nervous giving him it before then he spoke of him meeting up with a person he looked up to and when he gave that person a couple books and how he felt when doing it. I smiled and thought, " Okay... I am gonna give you the book and hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy your books." ^_^
Went to the Webcomic/ Manga Author's meet and greet.... interesting but honestly staff needs to pay attention to their scheduals a bit more... the person running the panel didn't know what time it started.
Oh and yes to my friends at Tip of the Sword, yes I spoke about your comic too. ^_^ A little free advertisement from your friend Catboy. ^_^
Other than that I am walking away from this convention with tons of pics, fun memories, friends, and tons of anime!!!!
To my readers... I have to say to those that came up and said hi and give me info on the comic... what they like and don't like, thank you. I hope I do well in the upcomming weeks to make great strips for everyone to enjoy.
Well time to head back to the con...... I will see you all Monday!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

For Kintaro

To those that know me... or read my comic you know that my characters are based on those in my life. Those that help shape my life and make me who I am.
Today I have lost a part of me that I can never get back...
I remember picking the kitten up in my hands and looking into those little eyes... noticing that he looked slightly cross eyed. We had to take both him and his brother if we wanted the orange kitten. My roommate was the one that wanted the kitten, I just wanted to continue with college.
I took them home... he took the orange cat.. I took the other... he looked Siamiese and Burmiese but he was neither... still I took him and named him Kintaro after the hero of the anime I was watching at the time.

He loved to eat whatever was in reach... including fried rice...
He would find the most comfortable spot in your lap, shoulder, or right on your face and wouldn't move unless you lifted him up and scratched his chin until he fell asleep.

He was the one that stayed near me... that when I wanted to be alone he would stay near me.
He would find that comfortable spot and lay there.. purring and looking up at me with those eyes that looked like he was doped up or something.

I will miss you Kintaro...
I will miss your cry as you yet again wanted me to walk you to your food bowl then look at me like, " So what? Dry again." then keep making that half hearted mew that drove into me as I pulled out the friskies and dished it on top of the dry cat food.
I will miss how you would take my computer chair as your own... and even if I moved you onto the warm bed and moved the comforter around you so that anyone laying there would be happy.... you would wait until I left the chair and rush to it... lay down.. and go to sleep.

I miss you Taro...
I hope to see you again.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I hate being sick

Well everyone two things are happening this week that I truely hate....
1) I am sick... well I am almost over it and will be back to work tomorrow but still I am sick... spent the last 3 days sleeping.
and of course number two....


I can deal with the being sick but thanks to being sick I haven't gotten anything done for the strip and the way I am going I doubt I will get anything done at all. And you all know how that pisses me off.


Oh well... such is life eh?

Just keep looking forward and look for that silver lining... and the convention in April... yep Sakuracon ^_^ Can't wait for it... not only because of all the people I am gonna meet but because ROOSTER TEETH will be there... the guys that do red vs blue... damn I love that show.

Okay enough ranting... time for meds... see you all laters.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Okay right now I am being shunned by the rest of the family because apparrently I am out of line for not wanting a little kid in my room breaking my figurines... messing up my games... and maybe find out about sex before his time by finding and putting in one of the few hentai vids I have.

Last time this happened it was alright because my bro went ahead and was with him. Now my bro decided I have to look after him while he and the rest of the family get drunk.

Now a few things to get off my chest.

1) I work in customer service and have to instruct on things durring the week... durring the weekend I want to be my normal self and relax... I cannot do that when I have to stop every five min and change the game for him... show him how to hit the start button... or how to shoot in a game that I haven't played in over a year.

2) He wants to play the Xbox... unfortunatly all the games are too graphic for him to play... .um... no... earlier his mother said that it was alright to play Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City... the kid then went on a killing rampage... the games for Xbox... Halo, Halo 2, Dead or Alive 2, Razes Hell, and Prince of Persia... so yeah... very graphic games...

3) I just want to relax!!! I have to work tomorrow... Monday... the worst day of the week... people yelling at me because we were not open sunday and their buddy broke their cooktop when he dropped the nacho platter onto the glass top. Also... Monday is my birthday... so yeah... I get the worst day of the week when I should be celebrating....

4) I was just watching something that I have been looking forward all freaking week to watch... but I get to watch the first 15 min of it... and get told no... you have to let him play the game in your room.



Now I am gonna go back to just trying to hate through the rest of this day...

Friday, February 02, 2007

Another week and a post from me

Hey there everyone.

Here just to let you know more about the upcoming week.

Monday I will be trying to just enjoy the day… and watch Heroes!

Tuesday I will be trying to just enjoy the day…

Wednesday I know I will be enjoying the day after 4:15pm…

Thursday…. Look to Tuesday…

Friday…. I will be staying up late and moving into Saturday…

I live a wonderfully boring life do I not?

Seriously though, I am gonna try to get some work done on “ Catboy at the Con” as well as some other work for a buddy of mine. He is needing more artwork for the book he is creating and well… I hope that my hand doesn’t cramp up from holding my mechanical pencil so much lol.

Other than that I am also gonna try to get plenty of pics of Trades out for all of you.

And of course maybe a couple of Jedda as well ^_^

See you all laters!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Another Week....

Well people not much is going on right now. Honest!
So why the post?
Well I haven't posted in such a long time I thought that I would post something.
Lets see... last week I spent some time at work training for a new program I am gonna be using. Which means for the next couple of weeks I am gonna have headache after headache for the issues that my system is gonna cause me. -_-

Other than that... today I purchased some new anime. Coyote Ragtime Show vol 1, Gun Sword vol 5, PaniPoni DASH! vol 1, and one more that the name escapes me for some reason... lol
Other than that I just finished reading, " HALO: Ghosts of Onyx" which I recommend to anyone that is a fan of the HALO world.

I am also trying to get some stuff done for a buddy of mine, Val Pendragon of Dragonsridge. ( No that is not his real name... that is the game name he has... just like my game name is Grell Grainstaff.) It is gonna be some character sketches for the other's in the group. Hopefully they come out alot better than they are going on in my mind! lol

Lets see... oh yes... right now I am toying with the idea of playing around with Trades' mind in the upcomming strips...sorry fans of " Catboy at the Con" but I just want to give a little more depth and character development for him... so far I have Trades as the kind otaku catboy... which he is... but as my friends... and a few fans have said... HE NEEDS A BACKBONE!!!
He got one a while ago but then he seems to have lost it... especially since now he has proposed to Jedda.... ^_^ how many of you saw that comming?

Oh and one more thing that I will end with.........


yeah..... it was weird, scary, and exciting... just didn't like it that when I called 911 all I got was, " Yes we know... we are on it."

okay... well that is it.... see you laters.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy New Year

Hey there everyone. While I am posting this I am on a high speed wireless access point in a starbucks. Which is like 500 feet from another starbucks.... which is within spitting distance of a coffee shop... which is right beside another coffee shop... which is beside a bookstore that has it's own internal coffee shop .... which right next to that is a Top Foods which has it's own starbucks in it.... which leads me to believe that coffee should an illegal drug... lol
no but seriously people I just want to say that it has been a pretty good year for the Catboy.
We have pulled in alot more readers, fanart submissions, and hell I was even listed on as the top webcomic of the day....... for nearly six months... which if you still look I bet I am still listed as the top webcomic of the day. ^_^

Also there were some downs... I had more down time than I thought due to family issues, my hand being placed in a brace for a while.... still in the brace actually, and just normal blues.
Those of you who know me best know what those problems were and I thank you for the help in getting over alot of them.

Now on to the good stuff..... to those that read this... and to those that read my MySpace blog as well... which you may notice this is exactly the same as there.... only my MySpace blog is alot more emotional.... you will get a first hand look at what to expect in the upcomming year.

1) Alot of people have been asking about the relationship with Jedda and Trades and what will become of it. Well to answer that I must leave that mostly open... sorry folks but what good will that do to read it later if I tell you now. But I will leave you with this... the relationship will change, partially in due to some interference by Tess and Trades' mom.

2) What is up with Carl? Okay now this is a little difficult. I must say that there is nothing much up with Carl. He is gonna do what he does best and torture our poor little catboy, but at the same time he will also be looking towards a love in his life.... and to those of you that know what my mind likes to do you will be happy with the results.

3) Hours and Sara....are they lovers? Friends? Okay those of you that have been reading the comic know that Hours and Sara ( and yes she is a ghost) spend alot of time together. Reason they do that is because they are good friends. It is hard for a little cat like Hours to find someone that will love him.... and not be chased by PETA for loving him!!! lol Still look forward to seeing a little bit of Hours finding someone that loves him for him and what happens.... as for Sara.... I am sad to say that our little ghost girl will not be finding a little ghost boy.... I am truely sorry for that... However there may be some changes with her character and those that have been checking out the deviant art page know what those are.

4) Will you continue the comic for another year? OF COURSE!!! ^_^
Honestly I love doing the comic. I have met tons of new people and found out how disturbing some of my friends can be after viewing it. Catboy at the Con is one of those things that, for me, once I start doing a panel I just continue doing it... it is fun and I want to continue doing the comic until my body dies and I am placed in a robot body. lol

Well people if there is any more questions just ask me at . I am always open to talk and I will ( and this is a promise) respond to all emails that are sent to me. .....Except the ones that ask about if I want to know more about male enhancement techniques...
See ya later and Happy New Year!!!